Estate Planning Attorney Long Island

Estate Planning Attorney Long Island

The Importance of Having an Estate Plan

Many people do not like to think about the ugly occurrence and inevitability of their death and so do not attempt to make plans towards it. Failing to plan for the future such as writing a will which would be your voice when you die, would cause more harm than good, as this would expose your estate as well as your loved ones to danger, as your property will be distributed according to the intestate laws of Long Island instead of according to your own wish.

For the unfailing protection of your assets and loved ones, contact an experienced estate planning attorney Long Island today, who will offer you legal guidance in planning your estate and set your heart at ease concerning your future. The primary goal of the estate planning attorney Long Island is to provide legal support and advice to their clients, while protecting their interests and rights.

Helping you draft your last will and testament

An effective last will and testament do not only grant protection for your assets, but also organizes your personal and estate affairs and gives your family financial security after you’re gone. The estate planning attorney Long Island will help you draft an effective will and testament which touches salient issues such as:

  • Naming an executor which will ensure that the dictates of your will are effectively carried out.
  • Creating a Trust
  • Guardianship for minors as well as the incapacitated
  • Specifying how you want your estate to be distributed
  • Naming those who you want to benefit from your estate
  • Your healthcare when you become old or incapacitated


A trust is a financial agreement between you and a trustee. There are several kinds of trust which may be applicable to certain estate planning choices, therefore you should have adequate knowledge about each of them before considering entering into one. Trusts are also not mandatory but there are certain estate planning issues that cannot be resolved without having one, and you’ll be advised by the estate planning attorney Long Island whether or not creating one will help achieve your goals and desires.

The estate planning attorney Long Island will help you establish any of the following kinds of trust to help protect your assets and loved ones:

  • Living Trust – this may be established during your life time and will avoid a probate proceeding after your death. Subject to changes or termination at any time.
  • Testamentary trust – is created along with your will and is subject to probate, alteration or termination so long you’re still alive.
  • Irrevocable trust – this is a powerful legal document and is not subject to any form of change or termination. Once established, it is non-irrevocable.

Estate planning Attorney Long Island helping you plan

The estate planning attorney will offer you and your family legal guidance in creating your last will and testament in the best possible way, ensuring that your best interests and that of your family are protected. With his vast knowledge and experience in estate planning matters, he knows the right option for you to take and he’ll give you accurate recommendations. He’ll ensure that your will, last testament, healthcare documents and trusts are filed in accordance with the laws of Long Island. This is crucial as any slight mistake may render your documents invalid, which will in turn be costly to your estate and surviving family on the long run.

The law of Long Island provides a lot of benefits for you and your family but you won’t know your full rights until you consult an estate planning attorney Long Island, hence, wait no more. Contact the estate planning attorney Long Island today.